The purpose and vision of Edgewater Broadcasting is to offer bible-based programming that is wholesome, relevant and un-replicated to our listeners. It is our mission to develop talk-show programming that serves our audiences by targeting a wide variety of social issues that are unique to today's generation. We have also included in the mix clean, filtered, positive Christian inspirational music that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages. It is our desire to maintain a cutting edge approach to Christian broadcasting, to be an encouragement to our brothers and sisters in their everyday walk and to reach into the hearts of the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Edgewater Broadcasting's HISTORY

In March of 2003 Edgewater Broadcasting filed approximately 1700 applications for FM translators across the country and was granted 484 construction permits. Edgewater has transferred or is in the process of transferring hundreds of construction permits to other nonprofit organizations and is assisting many of them in the development of their networks, true to their vision and goals. They have donated many translator construction permits and are in the process of donating many more.

Edgewater has built broadcast and production studios in Twin Falls, Idaho. These facilities are being used for production and development of a variety of types of programming including several different call-in talk shows targeting historical, social and economic issues relevant to their listening audiences.

Edgewater Broadcasting continues in the development and planning of a national broadcast network. They are adding new stations and translators to their network each month and continue to broadcast under the banner of Freedom Radio FM.


Corporate offices and broadcast studios are located in Twin Falls, Idaho at 160 Gooding St. W.